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About UIC

We specialize in the detection of prostate cancer and the treatment of kidney stones using advanced MRI US fusion guided technology, which is considered the new gold standard for prostate biopsy. This technique has a higher accuracy for detecting cancer compared to traditional methods. In the United States, prostate cancer is the number one cause of death in men due to delays in diagnosis. When MRI fusion is not used, failure of prostate cancer detection is significantly higher and may require multiple biopsies which can delay intervention and waste precious time. This procedure is performed in our office, and is non-invasive; meaning patients may return home or to work immediately after their visit. General anesthesia or a hospital stay are not required. Please see our "Services" page for procedures we offer.  


We are experts in Men's Health and have authored several manuscripts in the scientific literature regarding testosterone and the prevention of prostate cancer. We've also presented multiple studies at national and international urologic meetings. We believe in providing the best care possible to our patients and giving back to our community whenever we can. Our team is actively involved with the University of Florida's Outreach Clinic that helps local residents obtain free medical care. Most importantly, believe in education and the advancement of our understanding of medicine. 

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